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Shielded Sleeping Bags

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Sleeping bags
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Shielded sleeping bags

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Please note we can only offer refunds for returned unused sleeping bags.

EMFields Shielded Sleeping Bags are made from two of our best screening fabrics (the body part is made from Exel, and the head covering in Voile). This may be an ideal temporary solution when a canopy is not possible. This could be, for example, if you are in rented accommodation, and do not wish to screw a hook into the ceiling, or you are visiting friends or relations who have, or are exposed to sources of RF, or you are going on holiday, or on a business trip and do not know what RF you may have to face there.

They come in one size - 2.5m x 1.1m, and come with a separate washable liner made from 100% cotton. The Shielded Sleeping bag can be washed if needed, but if the cotton inner is kept clean, there's usually no need to wash the bag itself.

Your EMFields shielded sleeping bag comes in a special carry bag, into which it can easily be folded and then conveniently carried. The carry bag is made of standard, non-shielding material and so can be washed whenever necessary without affecting the screening qualities of your shielded sleeping bag.

Materials used in our Shielded Sleeping Bags are: Exel and Voile.

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Although the voile panel covers your head (as shown in two of the above pictures) when fully zipped up, it's still very easy to see through the fabric (much easier to see out than the pictures imply!).