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Electrical earthing - grounding leads

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Grounding Lead
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EMFields Earth / grounding lead for paint (etc)

We can supply ready-made electrical grounding leads for earthing conductive wall paint and other conductive coverings consist of a square of copper foil with a special conductive glue backing. A 2 metre length of thin wire is soldered and glued onto the copper foil. The other end is stripped of its plastic covering ready to connect to a suitable Earth/Grounding point.

We include a 5 cm square of aluminium foil tape to cover the copper foil when it is in place. This reduces the likelihood of its being pulled away from the wall.

Please Note: In some countries, external conductive paint, or metal surfaces, must be earthed by law. In the UK, it is not a legal requirement.

Laptop USB cable

USB Extension Cable

If you want to earth your laptop, but do not have the necessary metal connections at the back and wish to use all your USB ports for normal devices, then you will need one of these leads. It provides an integrated tag to connect your laptop earthing cable to, as well as a socket to plug a normal USB device into.

Many USB extension leads are unscreened or only partially screened, but this high-quality USB extension cable is fully screened along the whole length, which is necessary to be able to earth the laptop.

Please note that this does not include the laptop earthing kit (see above), which must be purchased separately.

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