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Mains Filter

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Dirty Electricity Mains Filter Strip
£46.75 (inc. vat)
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Mains filter

Technical Specification

  • Operating voltage: AC 220-250V
  • Max. current rating: 13A
  • Max. surge current: 6000A
  • Frequency - (Insertion Loss)
      » 150kHz -(62dB)
      » 3 MHz - (35dB)
      » 30 MHz - (30dB)
      » 1 GHz - (15dB)

This unit contains a powerful mains conditioning filter which will greatly reduce radio-frequency noise and interference on your house mains electricity supply coming from computers, TVs, videos, modern switched-mode mains adapters and chargers, etc. The filters are designed to dramatically reduce both "asymmetrical" as well as "symmetrical" interference. It uses high frequency capacitors and an inductor/choke as well as an earth line choke to stop interference through the mains earth line. It uses a screened mains cable to eliminate the effects of radiated noise interference.

  • Space for six UK plugs
  • Includes surge protection
  • Stops "dirty mains" and RF signals being sent into your house wiring
  • Greatly reduces interference from external sources at frequencies above 300 kHz. The DE meter picks up DE from 3 kHz upwards, so it may pick up emissions from external sources from 3 kHz to 150 kHz let through by the mains filter strip.
    We recommend using DE capacitor filters to absorb lower frequency noise (2 kHz - 300 kHz) in conjunction with these multi-way conditioning filter strips used for your TV/Hi-Fi and computer equipment.
  • Often improves picture and sound quality with AV equipment
  • 2 metres of screened lead

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