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Dirty Electricity FilterEU adaptor
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DE2 Filter

Our DE2 filters now have a larger capacitor (more effective at reducing DE) and, uniquely, have an internal electric field screen which greatly reduces the electric field around the outside of the filter. They also have an internal safety fuse.

Fitting a few DE2 "Dirty Electricity Filters" in your house helps reduce the DE by lowering high-frequency noise on your house wiring. They plug in (and occupy) a standard 13A mains power socket. We suggest a maximum of one-per-room and, in the first instance, probably just starting with two for the whole house. Please note that they reduce problematic high-frequency noise between the 230 volts phase and the neutral and don't lower the normal electric fields created by house wiring. For more details, please see "How to tell if you have Dirty Electricity and what to do if you have".

Buy multiples and save money (3 pack saves you 10%, 6 pack saves you 20%)

Technical detail: The unit contains a 10 microfarad a.c. mains-voltage rated capacitor, discharging resistor and fuse. Unlike some DE filters on the market ours contain an electric-field screen inside the case which is connected to the Earth pin. Some filters on the market are not even internally fused. Our DE2 units are fully approved to European safety standards.

These are either supplied as standard (UK 3 pin plug) or with a Euro plug adaptor in the pack - just select which type you want.

More Info » Looking for a DE meter?

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Dirty Electricity Mains Filter Strip
£46.75 (inc. vat)
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Mains filter

Technical Specification

  • Operating voltage: AC 220-250V
  • Max. current rating: 13A
  • Max. surge current: 6500A
  • Frequency - (Insertion Loss)
      » 150kHz -(62dB)
      » 3 MHz - (35dB)
      » 30 MHz - (30dB)
      » 1 GHz - (15dB)

This unit contains a powerful mains conditioning filter which will reduce or eliminate interference on your house mains electricity supply coming from computers, TVs, videos, modern switched-mode mains adapters and chargers, etc. The filters are designed to dramatically reduce both "asymmetrical" as well as "symmetrical" interference. It uses high frequency capacitors and an inductor/choke as well as an earth line choke to stop interference through the mains earth line. It uses a screened mains cable to eliminate the effects of radiated noise interference.

  • Space for six UK plugs
  • Includes surge protection
  • Stops "dirty mains" and RF signals being sent into your house wiring
  • Greatly reduces interference from external sources
  • Often improves picture and sound quality with AV equipment
  • 2 metres of screened lead

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ADSL Filter/Ferrite
£14.40 (inc. vat)
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ADSL Filter/Ferrite

Some people who are sensitive to EMFs find they react to ordinary wired telephones. This can be due to electronic "noise" coming through the wire from the telephone socket. This noise is almost universal in the UK now, even if you personally do not have a broadband internet connection. This double filter reduces the electromagnetic noise dramatically, as can be seen in the graph on the "ADSL details" page.

More Info » View ADSL filter details

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£5.05 (inc. vat)
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ELF Ferrites

These ferrites are high quality general purpose ferrites, and are effective at lowering the type of higher-frequency Dirty Electricity that can be found on house mains, produced by electronic goods. They are effective over the range 1 MHz to several hundred MHz. They are appropriate for fitting to cables that may be carrying Dirty Electricity close to areas where large amounts of time is spent, such as bedside lamp leads or alarm clock leads. One size fits all up to 7mm diameter cable. Very thin wires can be wound round in a loop so that two lengths pass through the core which will increase the screening effect. If the diameter of the lighting cable is thin, then the hole in the ferrite can be made smaller with cling film or any other suitable non-conductive material.

RF Ferrite
£10.09 (inc. vat)
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RF Ferrites

This ferrite is optimised for 25 MHz to 2500 MHz frequency and is therefore more suitable for filtering out microwaves on your electricity wires created by mobile phones and other devices working at these frequencies. Light cords that dangle into the room are often at a length where they naturally act as an aerial for the mobile phone frequencies, re-radiating the electromagnetic fields that they pick up back into the house. Clipping this ferrite to the light cord will prevent the vast majority of these signals from going into the wiring, thus reducing the Dirty Electricity. They can also be used on wired Hands Free kits for mobile phones, to help lower the fields going up to the earpiece. Alternatively, an airtube headset would eliminate the need for this and offer better RF protection. Please note that once this ferrite is clipped firmly shut, it is difficult to reopen, so don't clip it shut completely until you are sure it's in the right place. One size fits all. If the diameter of the lighting cable is thin then the hole in the ferrite can be made smaller with cling film or any other suitable non-conductive material.

Aluminium Foil Tape

Foil Tape

A roll of aluminium foil tape 45 metres x 50mm. This can be used to secure lengths of foil where required, to provide good conductivity between sheets of plasterboard, or to cover curtain battens or skirting boards that cannot be removed, or for surfaces such as kitchen work surfaces, which can need frequent cleaning.

Earthing Lead
£5.62 (inc. vat)
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Earthing Leads

The earthing leads we supply consist of a square of copper foil with a conductive glue backing. A 2 metre length of thin wire is soldered and glued onto the copper foil. The other end is stripped of its plastic covering. We also supply a 5 cm square of aluminium foil tape to cover the copper foil when it is in place. This reduces the likelihood of its being pulled away from the wall.