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How to reduce your exposure to radiofrequency radiation when using a mobile phone

Reducing your exposure Reducing your exposure

EMFields can help you use your phone more safely in 2 different ways. They are both individually very effective at protecting you from RF radiation.

In May 2011 the International Agency for Research into Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared RF frequency radiation as a possible human carcinogen. RF radiation is what your mobile phone emits when you use it. Because of the possible risk of brain tumours, acknowledged by WHO, it is a good idea not to hold your phone to your head without protecting your brain.

Phone Socks - These are pouches made of screening material that you keep your phone in. When you want to make a call, you hold the phone to your ear, still in its pouch, so your head and ear are protected from RF. Follow the instructions that come with it to make sure it can give you maximum protection.


Air tube hands-free kit - Many of the organisations that advise precaution when using a mobile phone advocate using a hands-free kit. It is important not to use one with wires from the phone to your ear, as these wires can carry the RF to your ear. Using an RF filter can reduce this, but is never completely effective. However, RF cannot travel through the air tube hands-free kits, making these an ideal choice for people that have to use a mobile phone.

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Further information Further information

We have written an article entitled "mobile phones" in our library, in which section 7 contains more ways you can reduce your exposure to RF when using a mobile phone. The best way to minimise your exposure to RF radiation is to use a wired landline telephone whenever possible.

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