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Welcome to EMFields - Electromagnetic fields (EMF) solutions

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Dirty electricity, house wiring and appliances

House EMFsDirty electricity (DE) is a term that describes the problem of spikes of radiofrequency (RF) and other electromagnetic pollution being on the mains wiring of a house, when it isn't supposed to be. It can come into your house on the electricity cables from outside, or it can arise from the use of different appliances in your home.

To find out if you have a problem with DE, you can use one of our DeTekta meters. Our DE filters, or mains filter, will reduce high levels to an acceptable level.

All electrical appliances create electromagnetic fields, as does the wiring through your house that powers them. The only way to accurately detect how strong the fields are around your house is to measure them with a power frequency EMF meter, such as our ELF PF5 meter. You may also be interested in our free library articles, In your home and Your low EMF home.

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DeTekta meter
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We sell instruments to measure electromagnetic field exposure from sources such as electricity substations and transformers, powerlines and mobile phone masts, and offer a number of protective shielding solutions for those who find themselves highly exposed. We also provide a list of some EMF Surveyors on our surveys website.

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We have designed all of our own instruments which are manufactured in the UK and have a 2-year return-to-base warranty. We are able to zero-rate UK VAT on certain items, if you have selected that you are Electrically Hypersensitive in your profile.

We can ship most of our products world-wide.

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