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EMF Surveys

EMFields have been doing EMF surveys for over 25 years for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential properties, commissioned by councils, by private and public organisations and businesses, and by members of the public.

However, at present we are not carrying out EMF/RF surveys.

Although we are not currently offering surveys ourselves, we have compiled a list of some EMF surveyors from around the country who may be able to help you. None of these people are part of, affiliated with, or endorsed by EMFields Solutions Ltd, and you will need to contact and negotiate with them individually to ensure they meet your specific needs.

EMF knowledgeable Electricians

East (Essex)

Dean Winsley » EMF Wiring Solutions



Melinda Rigby (Cambridge and London) » melindarigby@gmail.com

South East

Beneficial Environments (Brighton) » http://beneficialenvironments.co.uk/surveys/
EM Watch (Basingstoke) » http://emwatch.com/emf-survey/
Roy Riggs (Brighton) » http://royriggs.co.uk
Amelia Coe (Sussex) » amelia.coe@gmail.com
Leonard Stafford (London & Berkshire) » www.youremfguide.com


Stella Hunt (Leicester) » stella.superstar@hotmail.co.uk

South West

Lighter Spaces (Plymouth) » http://www.lighterspaces.com/services/
Sally Burns (Devon) » info@emfsurveys.co.uk


Electric Forester (Powys. Also Cambridge, England) » http://www.electricforester.co.uk


EMF UK (Preston) » http://www.emfuk.co.uk/survey.html
Paul & Julian Cooper (Cheshire) » survey@invisiblehazards.co.uk


Alkistis Sanderson » alkistis1@btinternet.com
Grahame Gardner » http://westerngeomancy.org

Northern Ireland

Conor Brady » conor@dwellness.co.uk ... » Website