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Mobile Phone Pouches

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  Phone Pouch (left) BlocSock (right)
iPhone/Blackberry n/a Black only available
Limited quanties left.
Slimline £6.00 (inc. vat)

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Ideally, we would recommend that you don't use a mobile phone unless you have to, because of the potential long-term serious health risks (including cancers and male infertility) being reported, following their use. These problems can occur even by carrying the phone on standby next to a vulnerable part of your body. You are then exposed to radiation when a call comes in, or even when the phone tries to connect to base stations, which can happen very frequently (more than once a minute) if you are in a poor signal area.

However we are also aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid having a mobile phone. Many people need one for work, or live in rented accommodation, with no telephone landline. So, if you or somebody you care about has a mobile (cell) phone, then you can still protect yourselves, making your phone use safer. We recommend using a screened mobile phone pouch.

These are not the best way of screening a touch screen phone, as this can accidentally be switched off when inside the pouch, and the call can be discontinued. For these phones we recommend an airtube hands-free kit.

These pouches reduce SAR levels by over 90%.

To work out which size pouch you need, measure round your phone.

  • If it is less than 12cm round (width plus depth), and less than 14cm long (top to bottom), it should fit the Slimline type of pouch.
  • If the phone is more than 12cm round but less than 17cm, and less than 13cm long (top to bottom), then the iPhone size pouch will fit. These fit all standard iPhone/Blackberry sized phones.
  • If your phone is larger in circumference than 17cm, or longer than 14cm then it is likely neither size will fit (although it *may* fit the large phone pouch). You may want to consider one of the airtube hands-free sets.
Slimline BlocSock Leather BlocSock

"FUNK" style Blocsocks are limited edition printed pouches. We only have a few left now, and they are all a light colour with a print that looks like large leaves on. If you order a funk BlocSock, you will be ordering one that is unique, but you cannot pick which one you get.

Outer pocket The outer pocket Whilst in the outer pocket / kangaroo pouch, you are able to make and receive calls, and the inner layer of screening material (which stays between the phone and your head) reflects the RF radiation away from your head.
Inner pocket The inner pocket The inner pocket should be used for when you are storing the phone (when it is switched OFF). In many locations, the phone will not be able to receive a signal, and if the phone is switched on, you may well find the battery goes flat as the phone tries and fails to connect to the nearest mast. Please note that although the picture shows the phone poking out of the pouch, this is to show the phone/pocket position only. You should make sure the phone is fully enclosed in the pouch if you are using this inner section.

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