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PF5 Pocket Power Frequencies Meter (ELF & VLF)

The PF5 measures electric and magnetic EMFs from house wiring, including those from appliances at home at at work. The PF5, unlike most EMF meters on the market, also measures frequencies in the range from 20 Hz to well over 50 kHz. This enables the PF5 to measure the higher frequency electric and magnetic fields emitted by induction cooking hobs, solar-panel inverters, ‘energy-saving’ compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps and some LED lights.

The PF5 is an easy to use, pocket sized, accurate, power-frequencies meter which is ideal for carrying around. It measures both electric and magnetic fields and is available labelled in either international microtesla (µT) units or in milliGauss (mG) units for America, Canada and Australia etc.

See the “Further Information” tab to see why this is so important!

*This product (as all our meters do) has a 5 year return to base warranty*

µT Pocket PF5 user notes
mG Pocket PF5 user notes

  • Magnetic & Electric Fields - ELF and VLF
  • Microtesla/Milligauss models
  • LED scale