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Protective Headnets

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These headnets can be worn straight over your head, or over a hat (as shown here) to protect your head from microwave exposure. Many people find that wearing the headnet at night improves their quality of sleep dramatically, reducing the number of times they wake during the night.

Do not use shampoos or other hair products containing lauryl sulphate during the time you are using the headnet. The sulphur residues in your hair reduce the screening properties of the headnet and will discolour it. To clean the headnet, wipe down with a damp cloth (do not use any washing product, as using the wrong sort can completely break down the shielding) and line dry it outside to air it.

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Headnets - Further Information

The headnet made from Swiss Tulle bobbinet screening material can be used to help to reduce microwave energy exposure to your head. The headnet can be worn as it is, perhaps tucked into a jumper or coat; or it can be worn over a hat of your choice. This gives extra room around your face and head.

The headnet is very useful to wear when travelling, to reduce exposure from outside sources, especially mobile phone masts, people using mobile phones, etc.

People have been known to wear it whilst driving, as it hardly reduces visibility. If you do wish to do so, ensure you take advice from a driving organisation, and can pass any of the visual tests associated with safe driving.

Independent tests commissioned by the manufacturer of the silver bobbinet headnets, Swiss Tulle, and our own tests show that, when new, the material reduces microwave power levels by between 96% and 99% over the frequency range 100 MHz to over 6 GHz.

The headnet may be worn in the garden, when travelling or when visiting places where microwave exposure is likely to be relatively high e.g. shopping centres.

We do not recommend using a mobile or cordless phone held to your ear while wearing the headnet as the electrically conductive material will affect the correct operation of the handset.