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Protective headscarf

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This headscarf made from Steel-Grey screening material can be used to help to reduce microwave energy exposure to your head.

This headscarf is very useful to wear when travelling, to reduce exposure from outside sources, especially mobile phone masts, people using mobile phones, etc.

Headscarf - Further Information

Stable and long-lasting! Steel-Active is not very soft on the skin. The stainless steel threads can feel a little scratchy - like a woollen sweater, but worn as a headscarf, this doesn't affect comfort. Because of the electrically conductive surface on both sides, low-frequency fields will connect less and can be conducted away more easily. Many electrosensitive people prefer fabrics that are groundable! 35dB attenuation.

Technical data

  • Diameter (triangular) 120 x 85 x 85 cm
  • Attenuation: 35 dB
  • Color: Grey
  • Raw materials: 40 % cotton, 30 % polyester, 30 % stainless steel