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Room Shielding Overview

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Alert message Shipping information for paint

Due to courier delivery restrictions we can ship Yshield paint within UK & Europe, but not outside Europe.
Alert message Wallpapering over the paint

If you intend to wallpaper over the Yshield screening paint, you must apply a coat of emulsion to seal the screening carbon paint before applying wallpaper paste.
YShield screening paint

RF Screening paint (carbon) - YShield

New & improved formula YShield screening paint stops over 99.9% of incoming radiation across all mobile phone frequencies, TETRA, 2G, 3G, LTE (4G), WiFi and WiMax. The paint is very easy to apply with either brush or roller, is water based and can be used inside the house, on walls, ceilings and floors, or on outside walls. One coat covers about 7 square metres per litre.

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Solargard window film

Solargard Window Film

Alert message Cutting and boxing charge

All units of window film incur an additional £12.50 cutting and boxing charge (plus VAT).

Radiofrequency fields such as those from mobile phone masts pass straight through window glass. This window film is available for you to install directly with the help of our instructional DVD.

Please note: There is no warranty offered on window film you install yourself or that you buy and have someone else install.

We offer three different sorts of film (the best is at the top of the list; then in descending order of screening effectiveness):

  • Hilite - The most expensive, but extremely transparent and the most effective at shielding, blocking over 99.99% of RF power.
  • Sterling 20 - A considerably darker film, but cheaper and close to the shielding of Hilite. Perfect for use in a bedroom.
  • Sterling 50 - Less effective than the other two films, but the same price as Sterling 20 and lets more light through. Still 99% shielding effectiveness.

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