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Shielding while you sleep

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VAT exemption is available on canopies and earthing sheets, if you have ticked the box in your profile declaring yourself to be electrosensitive.

Bed Canopies

As there is so much information needed to pick your ideal canopy, there's a separate page with all the canopy options on it, rather than showing it here on the overview.

(single only)
(SilverTulle shown)
(SilverTulle shown)
(Voile shown)
Pyramid Canopies Box Canopy-single Box Canopy-double

Grounding Sheets

Ground Sheet Grounding Sheets-on chair

These earthed sheets are designed to be placed underneath a sheet on a bed, and when earthed, can lower powerfrequency electric fields and drain any charge from your body to ground. It is vitally important to remove any source of mains electricity close to your bed or your electric field exposure will rise. We advise that you should measure the electric fields your body is exposed to when you are lying on the bed - both with and without the sheet being earthed. That will enable you to ensure your electric field exposure is lowered. Please contact <technical(at)emfields-solutions.com> if the electric fields rise when the sheet is Earthed. If used in addition to a canopy, this product is suitable for screening underneath the canopy as the material is also effective at screening RF fields. The canopy and the grounding sheet should be connected together. Body grounding sheets normally cover about a third of the bed as shown in the picture. Most people just want to be earthed, if however you feel you are being zapped from rising pulsed RF fields from below then you might want a large one to cover the whole bed.

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VAT exemption available

You can also use the smaller size grounding cloths on a chair to lower electric field exposure whilst working on a computer.

Connect to earth by using the supplied UK plug. The plug is not connected to live or neutral, only the earth, so your electric socket can remain either switched on or off as it makes no difference.


  • Super King / King Sized Bed : 150 x 200cm
  • Double Bed Size : 100 x 150cm
  • Single Bed : 75 x 100 cm
  • Computer/Meditation sheet : 75 x 50 cm

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