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The Acousticom 2 presents RF measurements as an audio signal, with LEDs and an alarm at high levels of RF (you can also switch the sound off if you prefer to be less obvious when taking readings). With simple controls, easy to read results, but still using the same advanced microwave detector as our Acoustimeter, this instrument is perfect for those on a budget. It is smaller and lighter than the Acoustimeter, and comes in its own carry pouch. The user manual can be found on the “Further Information” tab.

*This product (as all our meters do) has a 5 year return to base warranty*

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The Acousticom 2 presents RF measurements as an audio signal, with LEDs and an alarm at high levels of RF (you can also switch the sound off if you prefer to be less obvious when taking readings). With simple controls, easy to read results, but still using the same advanced microwave detector as our Acoustimeter, this instrument is perfect for those on a budget. It is smaller and lighter than the Acoustimeter, and comes in its own carry pouch.


When first turned on the Acousticom 2 is silent. The sound may be turned on and off by pressing the button. The Acousticom 2 also has an “alarm” sounder which emits a pulsing warning at higher exposure levels. If the alarm is not required, then it is easy to disable it each time when you turn the Acousticom 2 on. The demodulated sounds allow you to determine, with a small amount of practice, what type of device is creating the pulsing microwave levels that are present. These features make the instrument the most useful and practical one available – even for people with severe electrosensitivity.

Sound samples are available on the “Futher Information” tab to help you identify what kind of signal your Acousticom 2 is measuring. The sounds made by different transmitters can change with time, so these are meant as a rough guide only. If you are subject to a number of sources of RF, the sounds may intermingle and be less easily identified.

The Acousticom 2 reacts to very short pulses. Peak readings are what they say – the highest sampled reading – though the sampling and processing rate means that there are some gaps and it will not always react to a SINGLE VERY short pulse(less than about 5 microseconds duration) – though it will react correctly to much shorter pulses that are regularly transmitted (such as from WiFi).

Please note: The internal antenna is at the upper half of the case and the back. Signals are best measured when the source is behind the instrument, but also quite good with the source to one or other side. Turn the Acousticom 2 for the highest reading.

Technical specifications

  • A line of coloured LEDS displaying Peak exposure levels in V/m
  • Measurement range: 200 – 8 000 MHz ±6 dB (typical accuracy)
  • Sensitivity (Peak Display): 0.01 – 6.00 volts per metre (V/m)
    0.01 / 0.02 / 0.05 / 0.1 / 0.3 / 1.0 / 3.0 / 6.0 V/m;
    (equivalent to 0.5 to 100,000 peak µW/m2)
  • Some intermediate points when two LEDs are both lit are also defined: 0.2 / 0.6 / 2.0 / 4.5 V/m
  • The speaker may be switched on and off
  • An alarm sounder at higher exposure levels (may be disabled)
  • Power source: 1x PP3/MN1604 9 volt Alkaline or Rechargeable
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours continuous with normal alkaline battery
  • » Low battery indicator light (the green ‘on’ light turns red)
  • Size (mm): 110 x 63 x 21 (LxWxD); Weight: 140g incl. battery

Additional Information

Dimensions 11 × 6.3 × 2.1 cm

Radiofrequency fields


sounds + alarm


small & discreet

Further Information

Download Acousticom 2 manual & user notes

The Acousticom 2 was designed using the experience gained from many years of practical RF and microwave measurements. The advanced RF detector is the same as that used in the Acoustimeter. LED lights display the peak levels of microwave electromagnetic fields from 200 MHz up to over 8000 MHz (8 GHz), covering the frequencies used by most modern communication systems encountered in our everyday environment. This includes TETRA, all mobile phone systems including 4G/LTE, Smart Meters, and all WiFi and WiMax frequencies. The LEDs update rapidly, and allow you to quickly gauge the levels in an area and find any hot-spots. Its readout is sensitive to 0.01 V/m. When two LEDs are both lit next to each other, the exposure level is halfway between the two. This is only for levels above 0.1 V/m, e.g. when both 0.10 and 0.30 V/m are lit, the level is about 0.20 V/m (halfway between).

Example Sounds

Here is a customer video:

40 reviews for Acousticom 2

  1. Liz Waldron

    This is an amazing piece of kit. I have 2 other meters but this is the one I turn to for speed and accuracy. As an EHS it has enabled me to adapt my lifestyle to focus on healing and a gradual return to some level of normality. Highly recommended… thank you Alistair.

  2. Kevin Dixon

    Further to my last comment,
    The Electric & Magnetic EMF Detector (20Hz – 50kHz) “Pocket PF Meter” detects not only electrical but also magnetic fields.
    The above meter can help identify offending devices, here are some real examples.

    1. It is worrying to me that my (magnetically noisy) rechargeable battery shaver that I use every day so close to my head / brain could be harmful.

    2. Headphones plugged into (electrically noisy) mains operated equipment – used to send my PF meter to maximum reading 200 V/m.
    Switch mode power supplies and double insulated, non earthed equipment used everywhere today often / always emits unacceptable levels of electrical noise and this is sent right up the headphone leads too (headphones neatly clamped on your skull next to your brain)..
    Now I have a reliable meter to test for these fields I can and have fixed the headphone problems by using earthing and screening measures.
    Unqualified people should seek a professional to do this type of thing.
    I also modified my cellphone to operate outside my screened room on a 60 foot cable, meanwhile I wear an ex RAF headset with boom microphone to conduct the phone conversation from within my screened room.
    Ditto for computer wifi, for me it works by way of a usb dongle on the end of a 5 metre cable and situated outside of my screened room.
    In my view normal cellphones and smartphones should be used for emergencies only

  3. Kevin Dixon

    I bought an Acousticom 2 “Electrosmog Detector” when the price was higher 2 years ago.
    The price now is an absolute bargain, for the level of accuracy, ease of use and confidence it gives me.
    I have taken effective measures to screen my environment.
    I choose local routes that avoid phone masts, I use cafes and sit in areas that have acceptable EM Field levels.
    An ES sufferer can usually sense strong fields after a minute or 2, or even immediately.
    Like adjusting to a cold swimming pool, some can tolerate and adjust to the exposure initially, so they might think they are ok for a few hours..
    But just like back-ache, wifi type headaches often kick in with a vengeance (splitting headache) the day after the exposure.
    The symptoms might last several days and so the damage has already been done.
    Carry one of these meters wherever you go to help you avoid the sources of your symptoms.
    You will also be able to demonstrate the meter to other people, although I warn you they will most likely be sceptical and reluctant to believe you.
    I cannot thank this firm enough, for producing such an excellent meter (I should know, I am a semi-retired electronics engineer).
    I have also the EMFields milligauss/ low frequency electrical “Pocket PF” meter and I find that useful too.
    Nowadays many electrical items are ‘floating’ and not earthed or screened like in the old days.
    When you realise your cd/radio headphones or battery shaver are blasting you with 20 milligauss, only then you can start investigating.
    Many people are oblivious to the hidden dangers surrounding them in their everyday lives.
    Using the “Pocket PF” milligaus meter I have been able to identify problems and then think about solutions then implement them and test their effectiveness.
    To me these 2 meters are essential items.

    1. Acousticom 2 (200MHz – 8GHz) “Electrosmog Detector”
    2. Electric & Magnetic EMF Detector (20Hz – 50kHz) “Pocket PF Meter”

    • Sarah Paine

      Our price is still the same as two years ago. Perhaps the price you’re remembering included VAT (we display exclusive prices now, because many of our agents are based outside the EU).
      Many thanks for your reviews 🙂

  4. JK, Czech Republic

    Very good detector,easy to use. Quick delivery without any problems.

  5. MS, London, UK

    I bought this last week for a friend so that she could learn to assess the RF radiation in her daily environment. It was easy to demonstrate to her how she could use it, and as far as I know she is very happy with it.

  6. RM, Switzerland

    I bought the Acousticom 2. It was fast shipped to Switzerland. The use is very easy, I am happy with it.
    I also have more expensive tools from Gigahertz-Solutions, the HF35C and others. Compared to them, the Acousticom 2 is more sensitive. This is also in line with the tech.spez. The measured values look similar to the more expensive devices. But the Acousticom is very small and handy and it does not attract so much attention like when using the bigger devices with gib antennas.
    Very good! I might buy another one to lend it to friends to help them increase their understanding and knowledge about radiation topics.
    With best regards, Roman

  7. AH, Austria

    Considering its rather low price, its small size and its capability, the Acousticom 2 is for me a wonderful detector. It reacts to esmog sources to which other detectors are not sensitive enough although they cost more and it has a size which makes it not look strange if you use it in public places. A clear recommendation to buy.

  8. A F, Cheshire, UK

    have no regrets about purchasing the Acousticom 2. Although as a family we have been painfully aware of symptoms for many years and taken steps to limit exposure, the Acousticom 2 pointed out gaps in our home defence. It is neat enough to take anywhere and means I can monitor my surroundings without drawing unnecessary attention to myself. A lanyard on the device itself might be nice, just to keep it secure when out walking. But it’s a brilliant tool and thoroughly recommended.

  9. MT, Manchester, UK

    This meter is indispensable for proper safe guarding our personal exposure to mf radiation, and for demonstrating the phenomenon to family and friends. I think emfields loses an opportunity to communicate more personally with customers. Anyone buying a meter is taking a considered step, and have a task to try and inform others, any well edited printed material would help getting the message out (and, grow demand) Service was efficient.

  10. IA, Somerset


  11. APB, Hereford

    I bought the original acousticom 10 years ago & found it useful. I’m v pleased with the Acousticom 2 which is much improved: it provides much more information about my RF exposure & is smaller & more compact & therefore easier to carry around with me. As other reviewers have noted, it is very easy to use & interpret what the readings mean. Highly recommended!

  12. BD, Rugby

    I have been waking up at the same time each morning and each time I look at the clock it was 03:05. We have a cellphone mast aprox 60m from our house and since it was upgraded with a new pole and enough power boxes underneath to power half of our town both my wife and I have had major sleep issues. First try of the Acousticom 2 by the window was red light at 6 and horrible pulses and screaches coming from the unit, scared the daylight out of me. Found a beam about a foot wide and causing the meter to pulse and screach higher than other areas of the window and the meter was so good it gave me the chance to follow the direction of the beam passing right across my pillow. Using the Acousticom and by adding aluminium mesh to the window managed to reduce the reading from 6 to 0.3 still high and amazingly straight away slept through the night and no more 03:05s since. Acousticom 2 is an amazing piece of kit and it is worth its weight in gold. Now my freinds are asking that when I visit them bring the meter too. Only pity is that we live in a country that permits the slow cooking of its population and I am sure when I try and sell my house the value will be affected as these masts are included in the conveyance searches.

  13. MDM, Spain

    Very good for the price and size. The only downside is that is one-axis only.

  14. DH, West Midlands

    Thank you for the prompt delivery of my Acoustimcom 2 – I was very impressed that it arrived at 7.30 am the following day!I already have the excellent Acoustimeter so hope to use the two beside each other some of the time. I particularly wanted the Acousticom 2 because at a quick glance it could be passed off in public places,on trains etc. as just someone looking at their mobile phone:)) I am recommending it to my famiy and friends with that in mind.

  15. RT, St Ives

    Well I can’t say I’ve enjoyed discovering that the entire planet is being bathed in a sea of dangerous radiation, but now that I’ve accepted it I can say I do feel a lot better. And that’s because I was able to effectively limit my exposure by using this amazing device. Before we couldn’t hear or see this dangerous radiation but now we can thanks to the acousticom 2.

  16. MW, Munich

    Everything’s perfect! Fast delivery and very good detector. My little children are very fascinated and measured all locations. Thanks!

  17. AR, Angus

    This monitor seems to work very effectively and accurately – and shows quite alarming levels (of 1 – 3 v/m) in parts of our house – a level that has effectively doubled since the neighbouring mobile phone mast (some 70 metres away) was upgraded to add in an additional service provided (EE) to the existing O2 provider (without public consultation). The meter allows us to assess the rooms with lower levels and the areas of those rooms with the lowest levels – and we will arrange our living spaces accordingly. It is a useful tool.

  18. MH, Germany

    I am impressed by your device and I was shocked when I realised that although we had turned off the Wifi on the router in the living room we still got the highest measure on the Acousticom 2. After calling my provider they ackowledged that a free wifi option is still activated and the Wifi therefore is still sending. This option could not be turned off in the admin interface of the router itself. I think that is scandalous but thanks to your device I could detect it and have it turned off by provider.

  19. GD, Shepshed

    I’ve had the ACOM2 a few years now, and it’s been indispensable for me. I was given a FitBit Surge to monitor steps, and immediately turned off Bluetooth in the settings, thinking that was sufficient. It turns out there’s there’s two BT radios in it, and one of them can’t be turned off. I would have never known about that until I was testing something else with the ACOM2 and it was giving off high level pulses from it. The FitBit has since been given away!

  20. JH, Germany

    If you are sensitive (my wife is) you have to ask others to switch their devices off or you have to leave.

  21. Raphael

    For this price you probably get the best microwave detector you can buy! It’s small, robust and it can use the battery down to a quite low voltage! Furthermore it’s very precise!
    The acoustically output is great and you can exactly hear the different RF sources and the field intensity! Thank you for this great development!

    Raphael Hofmann, Germany

  22. MW

    A good and efficient service.The meter arrived the following day .
    It is compact and easily portable, with a good sturdy and handy carrying case.
    Very sensitive and can be used fairly discreetly if required..- I recommend it.

  23. SK

    I find it very useful for showing where the hot points are in my flat. I have one room which is definitely safer for me.

  24. Denis

    Ordering this meter was simple and it arrived the following day. It is so easy to carry around and use. You can have it with you all of the time in your shirt pocket. The lights are a very useful indicator of high and low RF electric field levels, but the sound and the ability to hear different types of RF noise – electrosmog is particularly useful. I would recommend it to anyone for everyday or for professional use.

  25. Raymond

    Excellent detector, convenient compact size, sensitive and responds to all the commonly used frequency ranges. It’s useful being able to switch between visual LED lights only and LED plus sound. The sound helps identify the type of microwave source as well as the level.

  26. SF

    Really fantastically well designed product! Very pleased indeed.

  27. HA

    A compact detector for RF Radiation

  28. George

    Great Product, my sister already had one and “did” the house with it when she was here, I was after a similar product but couldn’t justify the £300 price tag of her electrosmog detector I said to her “if it were £200 I would buy one!”, we looked on the website and GREAT a new model… cost me under £200 delivered to Spain, arrived in a couple of days been playing with it ever since and have/will be re-designing living and working spaces, already used some carbon paint to shield the blinds and fitted shielding to some rugs and the bed. works great robust too (dropped it on the marble floor – no problem).

    On another note I have also used it to help re-design my wi-fi antennas (only turned on to use in the bar opposite everything in the house is cabled!) and was great in testing an unknown wireless keyboard to see if it was RF or wifi, I only allow RF 27mhz mice or keyboards in the school.

    Finally wow the microwave oven blows the thing off the scale even at 6 feet away perhaps time for a new one, and I know what I will use to test them in the shop:)

    Keep up the good work, how else can we know about this pollution…


  29. MK

    Perfect detector high sensitivity and ease of handling.

    Thank you very much.

  30. FC

    Great product, small and unobtrusive enough to carry around easily and (as another reviewer noted) definitely similar enough to a mobile phone not to attract attention when in use (perhaps a black front panel would have made it even less noticeable).

    Defaults to volume off when switched on which is great – you need to push the button again for volume on/off so it’s silent unless you want the sound output.

    Lack of volume control compared to the Acoustimeter at first seemed to be an issue – however the volume seems sufficient even in a noisy environment to hear what’s going on.

    If it needs to be made quieter, it is easy to cover the speaker grille on the back with your palm when using it and this reduces the volume to an unobtrusive level without seeming to affect the reading.

    It does lack some of the useful features of the Acoustimeter, but this is definitely a worthwhile trade-off for having such an unobtrusive and portable meter.

  31. IB

    Finally very small & handy meter! I have tested the accuracy comparing to other meters on the market (esp. Cornet ED85EX and Gigahertz Solutions HF59B) and I can say it is very good! Measuring is very quick and device reacts on very short pulses. It also reliably measured 3G uplink from cell phone (compared to HF59B/high VBW). Not sure about reliable measured commonly used 3G/4G downlink and DVB-T for now due to very high crest factor of these signals!

    – no external huge antenna
    – looks like regular cell phone in the hand
    – very good sound performance
    – sensitive down to 0.5 microwatts per square meter (sound even better)
    – LEDs very easy to read.

    – units only in V/m (some may miss uW/m2)
    – very annoying auto power off just after 3 mins (if you want to monitor for 30 minutes, you have to switch the meter on 10 times)
    – frequency response graph is missing in the manual. There is probably no linear response, measured on 5.8 GHz WiFi AP, it undervalued the signal strength about 10 to 50 times (compared to Gigahertz Solutions HFW59D/10 GHz range)
    – the only thing that is missing for me is linear signal strenght/voltage output on some kind of jack… maybe I want to take long measurement of changes in time (using the USB recording device). Plugging the jack in – the auto power off could be then disabled.

    It is the unbeatable meter for now, but it could be even better!

  32. MR

    Wow! I love this little gadget. Easy to use, light and portable enough to carry around to check out places if I’m travelling. Has taken the guesswork out of monitoring EMF. I’ve changed a lot in my house already, and feel the better for it. THANK YOU!!!

  33. JG, Denmark

    I love this meter because it is so handy and reliable in its readings. I have 2 high end meters, but those are too large to keep in my pockets.

    Though I did not expect that there are no YELLOW DOTS on the meter itself (they are orange too). Kind of disappointed with that – the yellow dots are only used on this site (and in the manual) to clarify the radiation level, it was explained to me.

    I accept that, but this should be clarified on this site I think. For people like me who like colors…

  34. JW

    An excellent device. Appears to be very sensitive to even small levels of microwave radiation and invaluable in identifying possible sources. Neat and small enough to pass for a mobile phone when being used – the ability to operate without sound makes it ideal when viewing a potential new home if you want to avoid drawing attention to what you are doing.

  35. DO

    First I bought the HF 59B from Gigaherz Solutions. This has many options of analysis. It is accurate but it is bulky and not convenient for everyday carry. Furhermore it is expensive and so not for “everybody”.
    I just compared the Acousticon 2 with the HF 59B in a field test and found a good correlation of the readings if you use the peak function at the HF 59B (the range is 27MHZ-2.5GHZ – so I only compared this range and not up to 8GHZ).
    It is said that the peak is what is biological relevant – not the average/RMS. So I am quite happy to have such a handy reliable device which is also sensitive enough in the lower exposition range.
    Optimal for avoiding higher levels when looking for a place you are spending some time like restaurant, waiting room, waiting at a station (this often has hidden transmitters next to you).
    The only negative is the low battery standtime of the Acousticon 2 – I would say about 3-4 hours before the red light went on. I measured 0.44W with speaker and 0.37W without speaker. So you can calculate the possible ontime. With a Lithium you may get 16 hours. The autooff after few minutes is sometimes bothering.

    • Sarah Paine

      If you use a good quality battery (like the one supplied) you will get a much longer battery life. You will get a short battery life with low-quality batteries

  36. TJ

    Brilliant device. Very sensitive. Shows how ‘safe’ it is to sit close to a WiFi router or cordless phone hub. Could help many people reduce health problems (runny noses anyone?) by simply situating these microwave emitters further away from where they spend the majority of their time. Once you have a meter like this, you can really help your friends and family too, as they’re unlikely to be sufficiently motivated to buy such a device for themselves.

  37. DS

    For basic use is fantastic

  38. JH

    Easy to use. Normally no sound that disturbs other people. I feel good accuracy with the meeter. Covers both Tetra and WiFi.

  39. PW

    Really fantastic little device! I’m an architect and bought one to examine the emissions from a radio transmitter on the roof of a penthouse I was intending to buy in Las Palmas. The device indicated no activity from the transmitter, but then enabled me to discover a mobile phone transmitter, placed at head level on the terrace, and hidden by the mobile phone company in a wooden box! Embarrassed engineers from the mobile phone company have now agreed to remove the transmitter. So without the Acousticom, I would have slowly fried my brain! I am now intending to use it in one of my businesses which does roof gardens in London – to check for irregular emissions! My only disappointment is that I felt the sound signal to try to indicate the frequencies detected was a little clumsy – being scientifically trained, I would have preferred to have seen the frequency displayed.

  40. RB

    Walked around the house with this meter identifying and measuring RF sources. As a result I got rid of the Dect phone, microwave oven and a few more items which at one time I thought were indispensable. As far as I am concerned this meter showed me where the possible invisible killers are lurking in my house, so I got rid of them. Better to be safe than sorry.

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