DE2 Dirty Electricity Filter
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Simply plug them in and the DE on your supply will drop. If you have one of our DeTekta meters you will be able to see the difference immediately!

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Our DE2 filters now have a larger capacitor (more effective at reducing DE) and, uniquely, have an internal electric field screen which greatly reduces the electric field around the outside of the filter. They also have an internal safety fuse.

Fitting a few DE2 “Dirty Electricity Filters” in your house helps reduce the DE by lowering high-frequency noise on your house wiring. They plug in (and occupy) a standard 13A mains power socket. We suggest a maximum of one-per-room and, in the first instance, probably just starting with two for the whole house. Please note that they reduce problematic high-frequency noise between the 230 volts phase and the neutral and don’t lower the normal electric fields created by house wiring. For more details, please see “How to tell if you have Dirty Electricity and what to do if you have”.

Technical detail: The unit contains a 10 microfarad a.c. mains-voltage rated capacitor, discharging resistor and fuse. Unlike some DE filters on the market ours contain an electric-field screen inside the case which is connected to the Earth pin. Some filters on the market are not even internally fused. Our DE2 units are fully approved to European safety standards.

These are either supplied as standard (UK 3 pin plug) or with a Euro plug adaptor in the pack – just select which type you want.

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with UK Plug, with EU plug adaptor

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reduces Dirty Electricity


UK & EU versions


Filters out DE already on your mains

3 reviews for DE2 Dirty Electricity Filter

  1. DC, London

    Meter easy to use, filters worked well. My dreams became much more intense, and the place felt a lot safer with the filters in place.

  2. KW, London

    These are essential in our 1930s semi-detached house. We don’t know how old our wiring is, but the filters in place are assisting, especially after we took measurements using the Magnemeter. We’ve plugged one near to the electrical fuse box, another in the kitchen, one in the main bedroom and one the lounge.

  3. TH, Somerset

    I live in an affordable housing estate where there are electric wires in the walls & ceiling every 2 metres. Got 2 of these & the buzzing sound has gone from some God awful ‘dirty-hum’ when it’s quiet to a deffinatly more bearable, ‘cleaner’ resonation where these, umm, ‘nerve-interfering’ frequency fluctuations are less destructive!

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